Career Coaching To Meet Specific Career Goals


Nowadays, it is very difficult to join the rat race in the professional career world. We are on the constant lookout for better career opportunities that would either match our career skills, suffice our needs, or both.

Job markets are more competitive and are tougher than ever; this is no longer a secret for those who are struggling to find a decent source of income and those who have jobs but are not living the careers they dream of.

Fortunately, at this age and time, there is an increasing number of career counseling professionals who are knowledgeable in making the job search more accessible and prolific. Michelle Ward, Ph.D. said, You want to make sure this is someone who you’d feel comfortable and confident talking to, who you’re really sure will ‘get’ you, and who you feel is worth the investment.”


Career Coaching/Counseling

In a way, career counseling and career coaching are quite similar – both are disciplines that have the specified goal of providing information to people about the trajectory and development of their careers. Other than that, career counseling and coaching also offer different tools and techniques that job seekers can use to meet specific career goals. Some of these frequently used elements are resumes, online profiles like LinkedIn, and cover letters.

Career counseling is process-driven. Usually, career counselors help individuals look at potential issues concerning behavioral, emotional, and psychological aspects that can impede their career goals and ambitions.




Counseling Develops Career Skills

“Did you ever feel like you should stay late to finish a project? If it happens often, that might make you resent your boss, and could cause you to look for a new job,” Ilana Tolpin Levitt, a career counselor and a licensed mental health professional writes. For one to be successful in job hunting or in changing careers, he or she must be equipped with the adequate amount of skills that are necessary for the job they desire because the reality is, even the most suitable candidates are not the best ones.  There is always room for further improvement, and career counselors are adept at helping people determine what areas to improve and how to do so.

Career Counselors Can Guide And Teach You

Career counselors can guide and teach you regarding the different skills that employers usually look for in applicants – assertiveness in what you want, a positive disposition, and resilient nature. Negotiation is another crucial factor that you need to learn which career counselors can help you with.


Counseling Professionals Make Career Goals Clearer

Unsure of what your goals are for the next three to five years? Career counseling help you explore and figure out your short-term and long-term objectives by identifying interests, preferences, and values. “Effective counselors should have excellent communication skills,” according to Ashley Miller, a licensed social worker and psychotherapist. Utilizing an array of assessment summarizations, career preferences, and discussions, career counselors can make individuals better understand themselves, relating their self-realization and knowledge to their choice of career or profession. With this, counselors can efficiently assist in arriving at a career decision in a more meaningful manner.


Career Counselors Help In The Process Of Looking For A Job

No, you will not just sit tight while your career counselors go out on a limb to find you your perfect job – that’s not how this partnership works. Career counselors are there to help you with the grueling process of looking for a job, making it more efficient, transparent, and bearable.

In career counseling, you will be disciplined and taught how to:


  • Do a job search, where to find one, and how to start communicating
  • Maximize the contents of your resume to improve chances of being interviewed by clients
  • Boost your efforts in searching for the job you desire
  • Assess yourself into arriving at a conclusive position you might be comfortable with
  • Prepare for interviews and how to answer confidently



Career Counselors And Counseling

So if you’re still thinking twice about making an appointment with a career counselor, yet you’re going nowhere with your applications or with your old job, might as well give it a try. Besides, with career counseling, there is more to gain and nothing to lose.



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