All of us are suffering enough in this health crisis, and we wish for it to be over. Though we don’t see any progress in its cure yet, we know that people are trying their best to slow down the outbreak. We know that we are responsible for both spreading and flattening the curve. Yes, there are still cases of Coronavirus infection out there. But with all our efforts, soon we will be in control again. And once this terrifying experience is over, we can all sit back and think about the lessons this pandemic contributes to our lives.


Preparation Is Always Essential

One thing that all of us can recognize is that this pandemic caused the world collateral damage. That until now, it is difficult to handle everything that relates to the situation. And if we ask ourselves why this happened, the answer would be our inability to think ahead of possibilities. There are full of assumptions and fewer preparations. We are too confident that things will not turn out this way because we, humans, believe we are in control.

When we think about it, we are incapable of handling the situation in all aspects. We are not ready to face a world health crisis, and we are not prepared to provide everyone the help we all need. Sadly, all of us underestimated this virus. That is why we responded a little bit too late. And since we are full of supposition, we ignored some of the possible damages that now became part of our struggle.


People Are Selfish In Nature

In this pandemic situation, we now witnessed how selfish people can be. And that even if other people are dying and struggling to find a living during this time, others can sit and watch them suffer. No, not all people are like that. Some are willing to help. But of course, there are limitations as well. We can’t blame them because, in this time of crisis, all of us aim for one thing – survival.

In times like this, we all think about the betterment of the world and its people. However, we cannot deny the fact that our top priority is ourselves. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. We value our lives, and we don’t want to experience such unfortunate situations because we believe we don’t deserve that. But don’t we?


Life Is Too Short

Once this whole thing is over, we can all agree that life is too short for us to give a damn about unworthy things. Like for example, this pandemic targets everyone regardless of their status in life. So if you think about it, money cannot do anything. It is unable to save a lot of people from the depths of despair. Yes, money is essential in this current state. But still, the virus doesn’t care about that.

We all understand that this situation is very challenging, and none of us are aware of its uncertainties. So once this is over, we might as well value our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We need to remind them how much they mean to us. We have to exert any effort in spending time with them because we never know when ours and their lives would end.


We hear the saying “there’s a rainbow always after the rain” all the time. Honestly, that is true. This pandemic situation reminds us that everything in this world is temporary. Therefore, we can have the same opinion that it is about time that we change our ways. Hopefully, right after this health crisis, we won’t make the same mistakes again.