“Research has suggested that processing speed — the ability to take in information quickly and efficiently — is impaired in individuals who are depressed,” explains Natascha Santos, PsyD.

Do you easily forget things that you need to do? Are you having a difficult time remembering the name of the person that you meet unexpectedly in public places? Is it hard to remind yourself of the essential details about your business or personal transactions? If you answered yes to all these questions, then it is best to read the rest of this article. In this write-up, we are going to enumerate some of the smart techniques that you can follow to increase your memory.

German psychologist Georg Elias Muller and his student Alfons Pilzecker suggested that “our memory for new information is especially fragile just after it has first been encoded, making it more susceptible to interference from new information.”

At this point, it is vital to emphasize the fact that the positive effects of the methods mentioned above will probably take time before they become manifest. As such, you need to be more patient in practicing them before you can notice the results. Here is the list of effective ways on how to improve your memory:


Exercise Regularly

This vital step may shock you especially when many people believe that being physically active has nothing to do with improving one’s intelligence. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception because the truth of the matter is that exercise can improve any person’s memory. Take note that when you engage in these activities, your mind becomes active too. As a result, it will be easier on your part to recall stuff stored in your brain’s memory system.



Get Enough Sleep

Set a specific bedtime schedule that you must strictly follow every single day. Take note that you are not getting any younger, which is why you must rest early if you can. Sleep is a critical factor that can affect your memory in a good way. Remember that you need to relax too by getting a sufficient amount of rest and sleep in a day. At the same time, you must also get up at the same time every morning until your body gets used to it.


Have Fun With Friends

You cannot deny the fact that you are also a friendly person who needs to connect with other like-minded individuals. You need to make friends with others because having stable and happy relationships can positively affect the brain. Keep in mind that the connections that you build with others can stimulate your brain. As such, it is proper to conclude that establishing good relationships with others can also improve your cognitive functions.


Avoid Stress At All Times

Keep in mind that feeling anxiety at times may be considered as typical, especially if you are swamped with duties and obligations wherever you go. However, make sure never to allow these negative emotions bring you down. The more you think about stressful things, circumstances or people, the more your brain will encounter problems. A recent study revealed that stress could lead to memory loss.


“When we learn, we often forget to try and make associations until later on. However, research has shown that memory can be stronger when you try and make the associations when you first take in the information. For instance, think about how two things are related, and the memory for both will be enhanced. Connect new information to existing information or experiences in your mind,” says John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Do not easily give up when it comes to improving your memory. You need to see to it that you follow the tips and tricks mentioned above. Remember that the results will vary depending on the attending circumstances of each case. Everything will be worth it.