Good thing the 2018 Work-Life Balance Conference was held. Who has been getting the right amount of work/life balance nowadays? The said symposium opened a lot about people nowadays having to work the whole night and the entire day just to get things done. Others may sleep for a few hours or take a day off but always in a hurry to finish a task.

Of course, we always have a task at hand – whether it be finishing a household chore, a DIY painting or redecorating, or some other complicated tasks in our careers or business. It would be an excellent accomplishment for ourselves and our peers if we ever get to finish a task before its due time. But one should always remember that we need to breathe and relax ourselves and our minds once in a while.

Being eager to get things done may be an advantage, but it may also have adverse effects on your workers. It is not assured that everyone around us or anyone working for us gets to finish a task that easily. You may never know, but it can cause stress or anxiety to then, which can affect the whole workforce in the long run.


Through this conference, I have realized that spending some time with your significant ones, relaxing with them and just talking with them about anything under the sun is an excellent way to free your mind. And yes, you don’t need to do this after three months of being overworked. Instead, you need to schedule it regularly to keep you and your co-workers in the right mind.

Once we identify that work/life balance should be given attention, it will likely create a positive impact on our workforce. This will start a better relationship within yourself and within your peers. And in the long run, promoting work/life balance will result in a healthier working industry that can bring out the best for the industry and the clients as well.

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