With all the stress and anxiety you get from dealing with life struggles such as work, community and social interaction, school, etc., are you comfortable to say that you are perfectly fine? With all the online therapy sessions you attended and all the tips you get from the meetings, can you say it’s all working? Well, if you think there’s something more than just pretending to be stable with your current state right now, you might want to consider checking your valuable time. Not because you feel like doing a lot of things that doesn’t mean you are reaching productivity. So let me share basic tips to achieve a more active time-management process.

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Set Goals And Rewards

When planning your day, setting your goal is an essential thing you need to do first. “Always consider the final result when beginning a task. Have a clear target to hit,” said James Davidson, Ph.D. It allows you to have proper targets and helps you picture out more valuable solutions across every situation you might encounter. But before deciding what your objectives for the day are, ask yourself why you want to achieve it in the first place. By knowing your goal, you can maximize your productivity so you can do as many things as possible. After that, reward yourself. It’s the best way to appreciate your effort.

Prioritize Your Task

It’s easy to list down the things you want to do and achieve. However, it’s not that easy to work on everything. Therefore, it is essential to set priorities correctly. The genuine way to do this is by dividing your priorities into categories such as “important and urgent” and “not important and not urgent.” With this category, you can determine which task appears important and urgent. It saves time because you can be able to work on the stuff that requires an immediate response. It also helps you in segregating the thing you need to do from the ones you only want to do.

Learn To Delegate

You can never expand time, so the pressure always lies in the goal of achieving a lot in less than a period. Depending on the task or responsibilities you are dealing with, delegating small assignments can be a great help.  It will allow a great setup on your side. However, you have to note that finding the right person to trust your responsibilities is crucial. Therefore, you have to let someone take the lead in doing what’s right for the task and accept its outcome.

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Tweak Your Schedule

It will create pressure when you instantly change your life in an instant. Sometimes, immense changes in your time might not guarantee an excellent productivity result too. And if you’re also starting to work on possible alterations, it’s not the best option either. With that, you can practice some small tweaks on your schedule for a start. It could be waking up 30-minutes early every day, cutting down time in social media, reducing your binge-watching, and so on. It can significantly create a massive outcome once you finally managed to change your habit of focusing on the not-so-important things around you.

Set Clear Deadlines

It’s good that you value working on your priorities and task. But you have to know when it should end. According to Marty Nemko, Ph.D., a career and personal coach, “If you don’t have a deadline, give yourself one, even if it means writing a check to your least favorite political party, which you give to a friend to mail if you don’t complete the promised work by the agreed-on deadline.” By establishing a fixed schedule on completing your duties, you’re motivating yourself. It becomes more comfortable for you to comply with your needs because of the limitations that inspire you to focus on. It also encourages you to stay on track so you won’t fall off your schedule. Try using a calendar to help you know what you have to do and when you need to finish it.

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Avoid Multitasking 

Dealing with more than one task seems promising, especially when there is stuff that requires immediate resolution. But despite what you may believe, multitasking is not that efficient at all. It only makes you complete a task in low quality and often slow your progress down. Since your attention is divided when multitasking, it takes away your ability to think creatively. As a result, you’ll end up having frustrations, agitations, and anxiety.

It’s worth remembering that behind every success, there are individuals who always do their best no matter what. As what Cheryl E. Palmer M.Ed., CECC, CPRW states, “My professional advice is to do your best to find a combination of a career that taps into your passion as well as one that will be viable in the future.” They focus on changing the rule of the game on any point and consider the things that make all the difference. And that is by choosing how they spend their time correctly.

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