People have a love and hate relationship with procrastination. “Usually procrastination happens because the task seems too difficult,” said A. Chris Heath, MD, a psychiatrist who practices in Texas. There are days where people basked in the pleasure of lying in bed all day in their pajamas while watching television or Netflix. People crave the moments of chilling out and doing nothing. However, after these lazing around sessions, individuals also beat themselves up for being unproductive and spending precious days literally doing nothing but the secret of having a healthy and happy life is finding a balance between work and rest.

“If you have an intense work schedule, intentional, mindful nurturing of your relationship is essential” – Erika Boissiere MFT.

Yin and Yang. Chaos and Peace. Different people have different styles and techniques on how to fight off procrastination. While many successful people can’t resist the urge to do things right away, countless others put things off until a deadline beckons them,”Mary C. Lamia Ph.D. For some, they work well under pressure and opted to fill their days with as many as things to do errands and tasks. Others find themselves most productive on short intervals of chores or to break tasks into manageable activities. Whether it is that works for you, awareness of how you function is a crucial part of making most of your day.




With the advancement in science and technology, there are numerous studies on efficiency and productivity. In fact, there are different techniques available that might be beneficial to you. Alongside different research on the subject matter, the most constant object in the majority of people is the accessibility of their mobile phones and gadgets; thus, various tech companies and startup utilize mobile technology in the creation of applications that promote and aid us in productivity.





People spend unaccounted and unnoticeable time checking their phones and emails. At times, the momentum of somebody on the task at hand is lost due to unnecessary and inconvenient interruption of incoming emails. This is where the application comes in. Boomerang is a plug-in compatible with Gmail, Outlook, and Android which allows interruption of emails in your inbox momentarily and reappear in a few hours or days depending on your time preference.



Scheduling might sound easy but it is hard work and finding the sweet spot where everyone is available will entail time and effort. This website and the mobile application takes the pain out of scheduling meetings, get-togethers, and events. The idea of the application is quite simple. The organizer will set up possible dates and time then drop invites to others on the Doodle website. Invitees can tick which time and date work for them without ever opening an account with Doodle. It works best if Doodle is synced with Google or Outlook calendar.



To-do lists are always helpful but this to-do list application takes it up a notch. It helps you plan out your day by dividing it into a series of timed tasks. Once you begin the tasks, a countdown clock will appear encouraging the user to follow the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique utilizes a 25-minute session with five-minute breaks in between in order to keep the mind fresh and productive. Also, there is a record of your tasks, and the user can review on how much time was spend on each task and track productivity over weeks or months.



Do you often wonder where your 24 hours went? RescueTime might be the solution you need to open your eyes on the unproductive times. It is available in Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux; it runs in the background and can track the applications and website usage. For this data, it can generate reports on where your time is spent most online and set productivity goals like spending less time on social media websites. Premium edition of this application gives out an alert if you are spending too much time on a particular app.

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